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The bitter the losing, the sweeter the victory

I have been trying to pass a mobile game level for like a hundredth time, literally speaking. Sometimes i noticed myself getting upset at times when  I’m almost near triumph yet i ended up losing. I used all the coins and merits i have earned throughout the levels yet i ended up losing because of the difficulty. But i never stopped trying knowing I was given unlimited chances and all I’ve got to do is to be patient at all costs. 

And when the time finally came I miraculously passed that level, i cannot describe the feeling of happiness. Then i realized these situations can be perfectly applied to our daily lives. If there comes a time we want to get something but we can feel that “it’s so near, yet so far” just don’t give up, most importantly be patient. God has given us unlimited chances to try over and over again. If ever you get tired just take a pause, try to find another angle or stratery, not quit. Losing will always be part of the game. And losing will just sweeten the essense of winning in the end. The more you lose, the sweeter the victory.

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How having an alone time everyday benefits me

Screenshot_2017-09-10-11-07-30The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen. 


Aside from being an extrovert person, I also have this mood of wanting to be alone even for just a couple of minutes everyday and it really has benefits.

And i suggest you try it too. Alone time is really good especially if you are in a real toxic situation.

Everyday i would always find time to be alone. I don’t know why, but being in solitude gives me more satisfaction and strength to face another day in my life.

According to some research having a lone time for yourself would boost your psychological, mental and spiritual health. Even just a 30-minute meditation could help you a lot through the day.

What i do in my lone time ?
1. Basically i would find an ideal spot. It could be a terrace, garden or sea shore as long as it is a peaceful spot and i could be alone.
2. Listening to music really gives more feelings to that alone moment with ourselves.
3. I sometimes bring my journal. Write anything at comes to my mind or bothers me at the moment. This one is really effective when you’ve got no one to talk to of your aches.
4. I take short or long walks.
5. Think and appreciate of everything that you have and not those that you don’t have.
6. Motivate yourself in every situation, you are yourself’s most important supporter. Because it doesn’t matter if people don’t believe in you. What matters is how you believe in yourself.

Try doing these simple things and it will make your mind and body a little fresher and more alive.


Aloha Marie

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Keeping a relationship amusing, exciting and invigorating: A 23-year-old-girl’s point of view

“There will never be perfect, there will always be struggle. You just have to choose who you want to struggle with.”

PhotoGrid_1504773739029.jpgIt would be completely normal for a girl to expect perfection in a relationship.

A perfect boyfriend for her should be: Handsome, smartlooking, gentleman, thoughtful, apologetic, patient, Godly, caring and the list is endless. I’m not saying that there is no guy out there that possesses all these qualities. There is, but they will be so hard to find but the thing is if you’re destined in finding one, you will find one. Because there is no way we can fight with destiny. In love, destiny rules most of the time, but destiny can’t do the job all by itself. It will need constant support from us Hoo-mans.

So what are really the things needed in keeping a fun and healthy relationship?
(Let’s skip the courting stage)

1. Time is actually the best gift you can always give your partner.

Being busy with adulting is given, they said “balance is the key in life” being in a relationship you should learn how to balance your time with your work, partner, family and extra curricular activities. Failure to do so could result to losing one of them.

2. Appreciate the little things, vocally.

Make it be known to him that his efforts are not spent in vain and how lucky you are in having him in your life

3. Small arguments makes relationships healthy.

You wouldn’t want to eat all sweet the whole day right? A little sour will balance everything in your taste buds.

4. Little surprises from time to time has the biggest impacts.

Like girls, men like being surprised. They makes them really happy but they’re just good in hiding exaggerating expressions unlike us girls.

5. Make it known to him how proud you are of your relationship.

The feeling being awarded of your achievements in school does the same feeling of being recognized of all your efforts in your relationship. There are lots of ways in showing your love to everyone and social media is on the top list. But then again, you can keep it private but dont keep it a secret. It all depends on where both of you are comfortable with.

6. Patience is really a damn well needed virtue.

Mistakes are wildly common in a relationship and it takes complete patience to last a lifetime. Remember, there is no perfect. As long as you know how much he loves you and it’s just an honest mistake. There will be no reason not to forgive.

7. Don’t let an argument last for more than 24 hours.

Quarrels small or big could lead to losing your partner. As much as possible settle it and my advice control your tone for this triggers and controls anger more than anything.

8. Show him that you love his family as much as you love him.

9. His friends should also be your friends

You wouldn’t want his friends meddling bad details in your relationship right ? As much as possible take time to bond with them, to let them know you are not gonna come in between his relationship with his friends but indeed support them. As long as you know they are not bringing bad influence on him.

10. Give each other personal space from time to time.

This will give both of you time to explore other things without each other and thus will result in more stuffs to talk and laugh with once you’re together again.

11. Rules in relationships.

Having some would make the bond more fun and exciting believe me.

12. Travel Together

Having escapades and adventures from time to time not only strengthen the relationship but also this will help both of you get to know each other more.

13. Make God the center of your relationship.

You’ll see how everything will fall in its perfect place.

But then again, as what they say. As long as both parties does these same things to each other. Your relationship will surely go rock n’roll.


Aloha Marie

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how books took the lead in my life; why I don’t regret it

IMG_20170907_084846_626.jpg“A well read woman is a dangerous creature”

This is just a quote i came to read during my early 20’s in which i proved, was so damn right and strong it would hit you center-forward.

When i was still in my elementary days i really envied my classmates because most of them has this mobile phones already, in this period mobile phones was still a little bit rare in children my age. So they got cameras on their phones, games which fortunately they also let me borrow and it was my “borrowed happiness”. But the thing that really caught me with this mobile phones is that you can text or call anyone, get to know some person living far or near you. I don’t know why seeing somebody text you gives describable sense of happiness.

For many times i bugged my parents to buy me one, but at all times i got were refusals and i really can’t understand why they wouldn’t let me have my own mobile phone at that age. I know we are not that rich but i was aware that my parents can surely afford to buy me one because each of them has their own phones, which they let me borrow if i wanted to call or text someone, but still i wasn’t really at ease in using their phones i wanted to have my own.

Most of the time i get mad at them for not giving me what i really wanted.

When the time of our elementary graduation came i was somehow expecting my father to give my the gift i have been asking him for such a long time.

Yes, i received a graduation gift from my parents but i was so disappointed it wasn’t the one i was dreaming of. Instead of giving me a brand new phone my father bought me a whole new set of Encyclopedia. I was really really disappointed and even forgot to thank him.

As years went by it was almost my last year in high school, i still don’t have my own phone. but that time i wasn’t that eager to have one anymore because maybe i was already used in not having one. And in those years my parents showered us gifts consisting of books, books, books. Not having any source of entertainment at home i would sometimes open a few pages of the Encyclopedias which i soon found quite interesting.

Months before my high school graduation i have already scanned all the pages of all our dictionaries and encyclopedias at home, i learned reading romance pocketbooks which would always make my mom very angry because she said they are adult books. i was so eager in reading that even after lights off at home i would endure using a small flashlight just to finish reading a novel i’m hooked into. And finally in those times i got my first own mobile phone.

Yes i was happy, but i realized i was happier with books. they give me strange sense of happiness and contentment i couldn’t explain.

Getting attach with books is like entering a wonderland and there’s no way of getting out. Adult life may sometimes divert your attention into some things but a bookworm will always find its way into this soulful pages.

Everything i’m doing and deciding for myself right now are those things I’ve read in books. Books take you to places you can never see in this earth. A reader is a person who has already lived a thousand lives and a thousand more depending on him. A reader is a person who every time he sees a book his heart just jumps of pure excitement and joy.

Today, i’m a 23 year old girl happy with my current situation. I will not say i had a perfect life of course there will always be imperfection but the good thing is that I’ve got to deal with strenuous adulting stuffs with courage and most of my actions are because of the things I’ve read and stored in my heart.

As a reader i have always believed in happily ever after, and nobody can ever change that what ever may happen in my life

So to parents out there, i would gladly suggest you do the same to your children as well. Try giving them books to read. The things they’ll be learning is something that can never be stolen. And the most important this is, books will only have positive effect on them no matter where you look at it and I’m just here to prove it.


Aloha Marie

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Once a princess, always a princess

It’s all in the mind” they say.

A teacher told me those words 8 years ago and it never left my mind ever since.

I always had full confidence in myself ever since i can remember. I was raised by my parents to be independent since grade school, they made me make my assignments projects and reports all by myself and for the record i really like doing them alone also. The results of my works may not be perfect but i was somehow satisfied of the outcome because i knew it was all done personally which resulted me in liking personalized stuff (hehe).

My independence continued till my my high school and college years, i’m not bragging to say that most of my classmates would rely on me in some school stuffs and i’ll be always happy to help. And i can say i am been quite dominant in that category.

To tell you the truth i have always looked up highly of myself ever since, even though i  know i am but an ordinary girl with an ordinary life and nothing much. I did not have everything i wanted but i have everything i needed. I have a happy family, a loving mother and a very responsible father. And most of all it was my faith in God  that was always i was always holding in to.I was showered with all the love and attention every girl ever needed. I know i was beyond blessed.

I guess those were the things which crafted me into the person i am now. A 23 year old girl wandering into the messy world of adulting nooks. Problems emerge here and there that sometimes i would say they never really ends. But then again, every time a problem would errupt i just usually glare at them and give them a wink and in meantime i’ll be realizing it’s totally gone, thus i was made into a stronger and a bad ass woman.

It may be the fairytales i’ve read when i was young that made me think i am a princess and as adolescence came fantasy turned to reality, i no longer deal with imaginary witches and villains but life problems attacks again and again it it never made me lose sight of who i truly was. There may be no villains and magic powers in real life but it never changed the way i looked at myself.

I am a princess and my life will be whatever i wanted it to be and how i deal with life will prove my royalty. And that’s something nobody can ever steal from me.

I am a princess. Forever.


Aloha Marie