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Once a princess, always a princess

It’s all in the mind” they say.

A teacher told me those words 8 years ago and it never left my mind ever since.

I always had full confidence in myself ever since i can remember. I was raised by my parents to be independent since grade school, they made me make my assignments projects and reports all by myself and for the record i really like doing them alone also. The results of my works may not be perfect but i was somehow satisfied of the outcome because i knew it was all done personally which resulted me in liking personalized stuff (hehe).

My independence continued till my my high school and college years, i’m not bragging to say that most of my classmates would rely on me in some school stuffs and i’ll be always happy to help. And i can say i am been quite dominant in that category.

To tell you the truth i have always looked up highly of myself ever since, even though i  know i am but an ordinary girl with an ordinary life and nothing much. I did not have everything i wanted but i have everything i needed. I have a happy family, a loving mother and a very responsible father. And most of all it was my faith in God  that was always i was always holding in to.I was showered with all the love and attention every girl ever needed. I know i was beyond blessed.

I guess those were the things which crafted me into the person i am now. A 23 year old girl wandering into the messy world of adulting nooks. Problems emerge here and there that sometimes i would say they never really ends. But then again, every time a problem would errupt i just usually glare at them and give them a wink and in meantime i’ll be realizing it’s totally gone, thus i was made into a stronger and a bad ass woman.

It may be the fairytales i’ve read when i was young that made me think i am a princess and as adolescence came fantasy turned to reality, i no longer deal with imaginary witches and villains but life problems attacks again and again it it never made me lose sight of who i truly was. There may be no villains and magic powers in real life but it never changed the way i looked at myself.

I am a princess and my life will be whatever i wanted it to be and how i deal with life will prove my royalty. And that’s something nobody can ever steal from me.

I am a princess. Forever.


Aloha Marie



do you suppose she's a wildflower?

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