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Keeping a relationship amusing, exciting and invigorating: A 23-year-old-girl’s point of view

“There will never be perfect, there will always be struggle. You just have to choose who you want to struggle with.”

PhotoGrid_1504773739029.jpgIt would be completely normal for a girl to expect perfection in a relationship.

A perfect boyfriend for her should be: Handsome, smartlooking, gentleman, thoughtful, apologetic, patient, Godly, caring and the list is endless. I’m not saying that there is no guy out there that possesses all these qualities. There is, but they will be so hard to find but the thing is if you’re destined in finding one, you will find one. Because there is no way we can fight with destiny. In love, destiny rules most of the time, but destiny can’t do the job all by itself. It will need constant support from us Hoo-mans.

So what are really the things needed in keeping a fun and healthy relationship?
(Let’s skip the courting stage)

1. Time is actually the best gift you can always give your partner.

Being busy with adulting is given, they said “balance is the key in life” being in a relationship you should learn how to balance your time with your work, partner, family and extra curricular activities. Failure to do so could result to losing one of them.

2. Appreciate the little things, vocally.

Make it be known to him that his efforts are not spent in vain and how lucky you are in having him in your life

3. Small arguments makes relationships healthy.

You wouldn’t want to eat all sweet the whole day right? A little sour will balance everything in your taste buds.

4. Little surprises from time to time has the biggest impacts.

Like girls, men like being surprised. They makes them really happy but they’re just good in hiding exaggerating expressions unlike us girls.

5. Make it known to him how proud you are of your relationship.

The feeling being awarded of your achievements in school does the same feeling of being recognized of all your efforts in your relationship. There are lots of ways in showing your love to everyone and social media is on the top list. But then again, you can keep it private but dont keep it a secret. It all depends on where both of you are comfortable with.

6. Patience is really a damn well needed virtue.

Mistakes are wildly common in a relationship and it takes complete patience to last a lifetime. Remember, there is no perfect. As long as you know how much he loves you and it’s just an honest mistake. There will be no reason not to forgive.

7. Don’t let an argument last for more than 24 hours.

Quarrels small or big could lead to losing your partner. As much as possible settle it and my advice control your tone for this triggers and controls anger more than anything.

8. Show him that you love his family as much as you love him.

9. His friends should also be your friends

You wouldn’t want his friends meddling bad details in your relationship right ? As much as possible take time to bond with them, to let them know you are not gonna come in between his relationship with his friends but indeed support them. As long as you know they are not bringing bad influence on him.

10. Give each other personal space from time to time.

This will give both of you time to explore other things without each other and thus will result in more stuffs to talk and laugh with once you’re together again.

11. Rules in relationships.

Having some would make the bond more fun and exciting believe me.

12. Travel Together

Having escapades and adventures from time to time not only strengthen the relationship but also this will help both of you get to know each other more.

13. Make God the center of your relationship.

You’ll see how everything will fall in its perfect place.

But then again, as what they say. As long as both parties does these same things to each other. Your relationship will surely go rock n’roll.


Aloha Marie



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